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Bad Breath Causes & treatment

Foul smell from the mouth is a very common issue and also often cause self-embarrassment. The most common reason for bad smell is those small particles of food that we consume and remains in the gap between the teeth. While cleaning your teeth don't forget to clean your tongue too because the Foul smell is often associated with bacteria that stays in the mouth, particularly on the tongue. Sometimes a bad odour in the mouth is connected to some kind of problem in the stomach. People who suffer from constipation regularly often also suffer from Bad Breath or foul mouth smell or even with mouth Ulcers.
Drinking enough water is one of the simplest & finest steps you can take to curb bad breath. When your mouth doesn't have enough moisture to produce saliva, odour-causing bacteria can develop. Staying hydrated is important, especially before and after a workout because fast and rapid breath can increase dry mouth.
Causes of Foul Mouth
* Poor digestion
* Unbrushed teeth
* Gum disease
* Dehydration
* Smoking
* Food particles
* Gastrointestinal disorders.
If you are also suffering from bad breath or foul smell then now you don't need to embarrass in front of everyone.

Mint leaves:-

Mint leaves are considered best to cure foul smell and help to fresh up the breath.By chewing Mint leaves, especially after meals, is a good remedy for bad odour.

Baking Soda:-

Baking Soda also considered for treatment of bad smell.It changes the pH (acidity) level in your mouth, which results in a less favourable environment for smell causing bacteria. Do gargle of baking soda dissolved in warm water, It keeps your tongue and gums bacteria free. Besides this, you can simply add some baking soda onto your toothbrush, brush with it, and then rinse with water. Another option is to buy kinds of toothpaste that already contain a small amount of baking soda.


Generally people don't like the taste of Clove(Laung) but this is also a good natural remedy for bad breath but if you do like the smell & taste of clove then go ahead and chew a clove after meals, to reduce bad odour.


Fenugreek is also very beneficial to get rid of bad breath and bad smell from mouth.Tea made from Fenugreek(Methi) seeds are also good in taste and helps to finish the odour.


Cardamom seeds act as natural deodorizer & breath freshener. you can chew cardamom seed for fragrant breath.
Citrus Fruits:-Eating citrus fruits is good for health and fruits with high citric acid or enrich in citric acid are orange, Grapefruit, lemon and many others. These acidic fruits stimulate the saliva which helps suppress the bad odour causing bacteria.
Precautions For Bad Breath(Foul Smell)
*.Brush twice a day is advisable for bad smell people.This habit not reduces bad breath but also prevent the foul smell.
*.Use mouthwash and do not swallow and spit it out after 10-15 seconds.
*.Try to avoid food which contains the high amount of Sugar and white flour.
*.Do not use mouthwashes which contains Alcohol because these can dry the mouth and increases the foul smell from mouth.
*.Prefer varieties of juices instead of Coffee and Tea.
*.If bad breath still persists even after trying all the natural remedies, consult a doctor or dentist to see if there is the more serious underlying issue.