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Gooseberries also known as Amla in common language.Gooseberries looks similar to grapes, and actually filled with tiny seeds as same like grapes.This fruit can be green, white or red in color provides many nutrients. Gooseberries have been consumed for centuries for right off the vine or made into pies, jam or other desserts.It is delicious as this is sour in taste. According to agriculture studies to stay healthy everyone needs to take 1 or 2 cup of berries regularly.People who are very calories conscious don't you worry because each cup of gooseberries contains only 65-70 caloroies.


Gooseberries are mainly enriched in Vitamin C.One cup of fresh gooseberries contains 42mg of vitamin C.It is necessary for your body to absorb iron.We need plenty of vitamin C to help you maintain healthy bones, for long and black hairs,for strong muscles, cartilage and blood vessels. A diet that includes adequate amounts of vitamin C may also prevent illnesses like the common cold.


Its one of the most notable benefits is their impressive fibre content. One cup of fresh gooseberries supplies nearly 6.5g of dietary fibre.According to resaerch and studies the average adult diet requires nearly 20-25g of fibre per day.


Gooseberries supply other vitamins and minerals that offer other health benefits.Gooseberries contain a high concentration of vitamin A for eye health, with 435 International Units, or IUs, in each 1-cup serving, or over 50 percent of the vitamin A requirement for men and 65% of the recommendation for women. A 1-cup serving of gooseberries also supplies 38mg of calcium, 40mg of phosphorus and 1.3g of protein. Vitamins and minerals in smaller doses include vitamin E, iron and magnesium.


*. Help to imrove digestion.
*. Help to get healthy hairs.
*. Help to reduce cholestrol.
*. Help to prevent diabetes.
*. Good for skin health.
*. Help to prevent osteoporosis.
*. Help to prevent cancer.
*. Help to control blood pressure.
*. Good for healthy eyes.
*. Help to prevent constipation.
*. Good for Bones, teeth and nails.
*. Improve digestion system.
*. Cures a sore throat.
*. Purifies blood.
*. Prevent greying of hair.
*. Prevent lice.
*. Protect your liver.
*. Makes skin Glow.
*. Prevent Ulcers.
*. Prevent formation of gall-bladder stones.
*. Prevent jaundice.
*. Cools the body.
*. Slow down ageing.
*. fights again heart disease.
*. Increases metabolic activity.
Although rotten gooseberries are hard to come by both red and green types darken in color, black spots on amla as they mature, taking on a boozy, Muscat grape-like flavor. When they are consumed raw and unripe, gooseberries taste very sour and make your mouth dry.