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Diet and Exercise for a healthy life

We all have always one question in our mind- What is important for weight loss exercise or healthy diet?
You can't lose your weight by only exercise or by only healthy diet.If you actually want to lose your weight then you need to do sufficient exercise daily and take sufficient healthy food.It's too easy to say that to be fit is the game of left hand but it's actual that much difficult.

What is the importance of balanced diet?

A complete balanced diet plays an important role for the body to function properly.A well-balanced diet provides important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and liquids to keep the body and mind strong and healthy.There are lots of benefits of eating healthy or taking the well-balanced diet.

1. Control Body Weight

This is so clear that If you want to control your body weight then you need to restrict calories and keep exercise on.Most of the people continue exercises, gyming, cycling, running but they don't restrict their calories, they eat oily food, processed food too.But the bitter truth is if you want to fit yourself in your dresses the you need to control body weight.

2. Fight off Disease

When we are taking complete balanced diet, essential nutrients will produce in our body and help to maintain germ-fighting cells and strong our immune system & vascular function.Vascular function will help provide disease-fighting cells.A complete diet with fruits & veggies also increases the production of White Blood Cells (WBCs) that helps to fight with bacteria & prevent from infections.A complete food will help us to fight with many diseases and also help us to heal injuries.

3.Getting More Energy

Complete balanced diet has more energy than other processed foods.Processed foods like Bacon, noodles, flavoured nuts, microwave popcorn and many more.According to a research, Microwave popcorn gives us Kidney disease, Flavoured nuts lead to gain weight, Noodles are packed with high amount of sodium & sodium gives us heart disease, Bacon also contains the high amount of sodium which leads to high blood pressure and why bacon is so tasty it is because of saturated fat.On other hands, If we are taking a complete balanced diet then we'll get a good level of proteins, minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins & fats from which we'll be energetic whole day.
Exercises and Healthy food are not only good for losing weight, It also helps to reduce the risk of many diseases and helps to make skin fair.Excercise is also good for alleviates stress, reduce cholesterol and increase blood flow.If we eat unhealthy food then cholesterol will increase, blood pressure will be high or low, there are lots of heart diseases as
well.Many of us pledge not to take unhealthy food again but unable to complete this pledge.Loss weight in the kitchen and gain health in gym.