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Healthy Lohri of India

Everyone is waiting for Festival.Festivals are the soul of India.Festivals are like beat for heart.Lohri is also one of them.Lohri is the first festival of the year.This festival is traditionally associated with the harvest of Rabi crops.Financial New year is about to start from Lohri for Punjabi Farmers.
On this day people dance on the beats of Dhol and sing ritualistic and enjoy bonfire in the evening with peanuts,popcorns,rewari,gajaks.But today's generation is so health conscious.and they avoid getting involved in such festivals due to their healty diet.But its nothing like this Right & smart way of eating can cure you from this.


Popcorn is giving you around 80 callories which is equivalent to 20 minutes of Yoga & 10 minutes of Zumba.Revari is giving you around 440 callories which is equivalent to 30 minutes of Swimming & 20 minutes of Zumba.Till gajak is giving you around 200 callories which is equivalent to 20 minutes of Zumba.Jaggery is giving you around 385 callories which is equivalent to 20 minutes of Yoga & 15 minutes of jogging.peanuts are giving you around 580 callories which is equivalent to 30 minutes of slow running & 10 minutes of jogging.Makke-Ki-Roti is giving you around 170 callories which is equivalent to 30 minutes of cultural dance.Laddoo is giving you around 85 callories which is equivalent to 15 minutes of stretching.


Peanuts is the rich source of amino acid and also help us regulating the blood sugar levels.Pregnant women are suggested to have peanuts as it improves the folic acid levels and helps to circulate blood in the body. Last but not the least the nutrients also help in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body and increases the good cholesterol level.


Gajak helps to clean the blood,purify the blood,improving digestion.Gajak is also the rich source of Iron.Gajak also reduces joint pains and helps in menstrual cramps also.
First word which strike in mind after listening the word popcorn is Movie hall.If we are talking in terms of Nutrition the popcorn is the rich source of Fibre.Popcorn is less calloratic. As this is made up of Grain so this is also enrich in Anti-Oxidant so it helps to fight with heart diseases and other injuries on the body part.
Apart from this Lohri is a festival of exchanging gifts and you can greet your friends and guests from different varities of Dryfruits and 'Sarso da saag te Makke-di-roti'.So enjoy the festival of lohri,Don't sit in front of bornfire only just get up and start dancing on dhol beats and reduce your extra body weight on this Lohri.
So make this Festival healthy even healthier by gifting and eating healthy.