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How Diabetes affect fertility?

Diabetes is one of the most common and effective diseases affecting more than 17 million people of reproductive age.
Diabetes is one of the factors which can cause infertility in both the genders men and women. Insulin resistance results in diabetes thereby affecting the reproductive health of both the gender. Diabetes, on one hand, can make you dependent on the medications for long life and on very other hand, it can reduce your chances of conception when you want to. Other than diabetes there can many other factors which can cause fertility problems.
Men with type 1 diabetes may have more DNA damage in their sperm, possibly hampering fertility.
Diabetes can affect the fertility of males. It can reduce the sperm quality and can decrease the levels of testosterone. Effects of diabetes on male fertility are enlisted below-

Reduces sexual desire:

Decrease in male sex hormones decreases the sexual desire. Diabetes lowers the libido in men and thereby reduces sexual desire. This harms the fertility of men.

Reduces the quality of sperms:

Diabetes causes the DNA damage and thus affects the genetic material in men which impairs the reproductive health of the men.The damage to mitochondrial DNA results in poor quality of sperm and such sperm is not able to fertilize egg making men infertile. Low quality of sperms lowers the fertility of men.

Abnormal hormonal balance:

Diabetes increases the risk for obesity. The fat deposited damages the functioning of pituitary glands thereby decreasing the levels of testosterone in the body. Testosterones are important for an erection and to increase sexual desire. The low levels of testosterone can lead to male infertility.

Erectile dysfunction:

It was found that 10-15% of men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction once in their lifetime. Diabetes damages the nerves and blood vessels which are needed for an erection.
The men with diabetes had lower semen volume than the men without diabetes.
This is not necessary that every diabetic couple will suffer issues with their fertility. Diabetes can cause some complications in conceiving but proper treatment and management can help the couple to conceive. Although Diabetes is not curable it is manageable. Modifications in living standards can help you manage diabetes. Since diabetes is linked to infertility so it is important to keep a record of your weight and insulin levels.