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How sleeping in AC harm your body

It is touching 35-40 degree Celsius out there and sleeping without an air-conditioner is out of the question.We stay in air-conditioned offices all day and we stay in the well air-conditioned rooms all night and people do have air-conditioned cars for traveling. All-time staying inside such cold temperatures may be relieving you from your sweat-fits but is surely not healthy for our body.
Here we take a look at what happens when you sleep in an air-conditioned room all the time.

1.Too cold temperature:

Many times, when we are sleeping, the temperature of our surroundings gets below our body's liking. If we are awake, we can turn the AC off but because we are sleeping, we are not able to react to it.


Air conditioners absorb all the moisture that's present in the air, or for that matter, even from our bodies. Long hours spent in air-conditioned environments causes your skin to lose moisture; if you are not aiding your skin with a constant supply of moisturizers you may begin to suffer from dry skin.

3.No cross-ventilation and lack of fresh air:

When our rooms are air-conditioned, we shut the doors so that the air inside remains cool. We close the windows and every possible source of air to restrict fresh air from outside because we don't want the room to get warmer below our liking.

4.Low temperature

can lead to muscle contractions and muscles pain, headache, and backaches. When your body stays in temperatures that are below its liking, it develops aches and pains in the joints and muscles which may become stay over a long period of time. If the situation gets severe, such pains can develop into arthritis.
Try not to become dependent on air conditioners. Live without the AC if you want to stay fit while you are at home.
It is true that air conditioners are a technological give us more comfort. But without proper and consistent care, ACs have the potential to damage skin. Those who have a poor diet, underlying illness or skin that is not well maintained, will not be able to adjust going from a boiling hot environment to an air-conditioned on and their skin may suffer
from skin damage, which cannot be treated with over the counter(OTC) drugs. Hence it is better to be safe than sorry.