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How to Be Healthy and Happy

Forget expensive spas and yoga holidays. Here are ten easy ways to boost your spirits.
1. Crank Up the Music:
We don't need scientific proof to convince us of the inspiring power of music but in case you are wondering, scientific proof does exist a lot of it. A study by the University of Missouri Us found that listening to uplifting music boosted mood. So, put on some feel-good music forget everything else and really absorb it; then feel the tension ease away and your spirits lift It works even better if you dance around the room, too.
2. Go for walk: :
It is free, you can do it anywhere, and it can be strenuous or relaxing as you want it to be-- the benefits of a good stroll are certainly endless." walking has been shown to improve self-esteem, relieve depression, anxiety and improve mood.apaart from the health benefits and feel-good hormones released from being active, being outdoors in fresh air and surrounded by nature brings an added boost." It can give you valuable thinking time to put life's challenges into perspective, or it can be great social way to exercise by going with a joining a local group.
3. Catch Up With a Friend:
When it comes to feeling happy, studies have found that people who regularly have coffee, for instance, with close friend are happier than those who focus more o bigger rewards, like expensive holidays. Interaction with friends is especially important as we older. Research by the University of Greenwich in 2010 found that having a strong social network was crucial to pensioners life satisfaction. friends enable you to forget about work and chores and being a mum/wife or dad/husband, for a short, but vital period, and just be you. so make time for a regular catch up with a pal.
4. Write a Letter:
"Hand-writing letters is done so rarely these days that people do it, it feels quite momentous say-so, Connell, another of love of letters with email and mobile phones, instant communication has become so easy, but it lacks the meaning of the old-fashioned letter. Sitting down to write enables you to focus your thoughts and reflect on what is going on in your world; and there is the pleasure of knowing you will be making the lucky recipient's day too. A letter comes from the heart, says O'Connell. You feel as though you are getting a unique part of that person's soul, it is a very rich experience for both the writer and recipient.
5. Wear Bright:
Have you ever stopped to wonder why going for a stroll on bright summer's day, when all flowers are in bloom, really lifts the spirits why stepping out on a gloomy, grey day has the opposite effect. Our moods respond to brightness and colour, and this is something fashion stylist has been using to their advantage for years. So for intent mood booster throws on some colour. If wearing too much colour sounds daunting, start with just splash--bright scarf or sweater.
6. Browse Old Photos:
Whether it is a wedding or a holiday when the children were young, why not dust off those old photo albums and indulge in the memories .a healthy dose of nostalgia can be confronting and reviving it enhances your feelings of wellbeing.
7. Reach for Your Hobby or Gardening:
A survey revealed that 90 per cent of gardeners believe their hobby boosts their mood. people who regularly gardened were less likely to report feeling unhappy or depressed too. Gardening around outdoors can be relaxing and rewarding and seeing the fruits of your labour brings great fulfillment.
8. Do Good Deed:
Helping others is not only good for us and a great thing to do generally; it makes us happier and healthier. Opportunities to show kindness are everywhere and when we take them we find life to be more meaningful and rewarding. 'don't worry if you don't have time to volunteer for a charity or much money to spare small acts of kindness like offering to pick up a neighbour's groceries, donating biscuits to nearby care home make a big difference.
9. Pick Up a Book:
A good book can stay with you for years and in the short term, reading can have happiness boosting powers too. as one benefit, it requires you to find peace and quiet and switch off from normal life and this in itself is relaxing and stress relieving. "you can escape with the book. it takes you away from surroundings, off into another world. it is almost like going on a holiday.
10. Get Baking:
Baking has enjoyed a revival in recent years, with the success of tv shows, and no wonder, it is one of life's real pleasures. Baking is a skill and requires practice, just make sure you have fun trying.