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Let's talk about this: period no shame pads Menstrual

Menstruation is one thing which every woman has to deal with every month. A recent report shows that nearly 88% of menstruating women in India do not have the accessibility of sanitary products during their period, and use alternatives like pieces of rag, ash, unsanitized cloth, sand and husk. As a result, almost 1 in every 4 adolescent girls in the country quit her schooling when she hits puberty. Poor menstrual hygiene is also responsible for almost 70% of reproductive diseases in India.

India witnessed a sanitary napkin revolution sometime in 2006 when a small social entrepreneur who has the residence in Coimbatore and got recognition for his low-cost machine that makes affordable sanitary napkins.

Arunachalam Muruganantham's story also caught the fancy of filmmakers. Soon his hardships and achievements will be on the silver screen, all thanks to actor Akshay Kumar, who will tell this tale in his upcoming movie "Padman".

This movie is basically for general awareness of menstrual.Main motive is to make audiences aware that women in more than 50 percent villages have no idea about the existence of sanitary napkins.Women in more than 50 percent villages have no idea about the existence of sanitary napkins.

Rural females will not go for sanitary pads because the shopkeeper is male.Evan in Urban areas also females are hesitant to ask about pads on store generally they write it on a piece of paper and pass it to the shopkeeper and even he also pack it in paper and black polybag and then hand it over to female as if some illegal product being smuggled out.India has not yet understood that it is the basic need of Woman.the male categories have not yet accepted this fact that this is a normal and natural process of females.

Moreover, In rural India females can not ask their spouse to get sanitary napkins for them as male thinks it is a below dignity job.females themselves will not buy napkins because the shopkeeper who selling sanitary is male.Otherwise, this is not only the reason which stops rural females from using a basic necessity, but it also shows the narrow-mindedness of the society.Many of the people think that it is wastage of money as if a piece of cloth or rag plays the same function then there is no need to purchase sanitary napkins, but this is wrong and due to this thinking many females suffer from bacterial infection and many other diseases.

So our first work is to spread awareness regarding Menstrual hygiene.The stigma around this natural biological process is so huge in India that one rarely even hears this word spoken out loud. In fact, the problem of women’s hygiene and improper disposal of menstrual waste is a major roadblock in achieving the Swachh Bharat Mission’s goal of a clean India by 2019.