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Tips to protect hairs in Summer

During summer season harmful UV rays, pollution, dirt, dust and hot winds affect almost every part of the body, especially our hair. So it becomes necessary to protect your hair in summer. The harmful rays of sun make your hair brittle, broken and weak resulting in hair fall. Sun rays are so harsh they even remove lubrication from your hair leaving them dull and dry. Taking some preventive steps can help you protect your hair this summer.
Try out some of the home remedies to protect your beautiful hair.
Clean your hairs regularly:- It is advised to wash or clean hair frequently during summer as sweat glands make hair dirty and stinky during summers. Use mild shampoos.

Hair conditioning:

Sunrays removes the moisture and lubrication from the hair making them brittle and dry. Using hair serums and conditioners will protect them from getting damaged. This will be beneficial to maintain the shine and look and feel of the hair also.


Massaging your hair is one the simplest and the most common home remedies to protect your hair. Just massage your hair with oil once or twice a week to strengthen and lenghthen the roots of the hair. This will keep your scalp hydrated and will prevent hair loss also. This is a natural technique to condition your hair followed by washing with shampoo.

Care while swimming:

Cover your hair if you are planning to swim in summers. Pool water contains chlorine and salt which can damage your hair. Once the swimming is over, taking a shower and washing hair with a shampoo containing ethylene tetra-acetic acid which will protect your hair.

Avoid use of hot driers:

In the summer heat in the atmosphere is already too much which can damage your hair. Using hot driers can be a harsh treatment for hair. This will make them more dry and weak. It is better to avoid such driers and allow your hair to dry naturally.

Nutritious diet:

Eating unhealthy food lacks in essential nutrients. Lack of nutrients does cause hair fall. To have a healthy hair it is must to have a diet having essential nutrients.Nutrient-rich diet will not only protect your hair but will also keep you healthy from inside.

Natural products:

It is beneficial to use natural products on your hair rather than artificial products. Wash hair with water made from soaking amla, shikakai and reetha.

Regular trim:

Getting a regular trim or cutting in summers will help to reduce the split ends and makes your hair look thick, healthy and Stylish. These beautiful tips will help to restore the natural beauty of your hair. Hairs are beauty asset of the body. Little attention and care of hair can make them look more beautiful and healthy.