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Top Foods to Gain Weight

Changing your diet is the key to gain weight in the most natural and healthy manner. Also you need to cut down on foods containing shallow calories and unhealthy fats from your diet and switch to their healthier alternatives. To solve your queries we have made list of foods to gain weight.
Peanut Butter:
You can include peanut butter for weight gain in regular diet. Savour on this salty spread everyday to get a good number of calories from a healthy food as well as increase your consumption of rich-protein food. Apart from including peanut butter in your diet, you may also gorge on regular butter. 100g of regular butter consists of 81g of fat- a significantly high percentage of this fat is saturated which could lead to heart ailments thus eat regular butter in moderation.
When trying to gain weight, your protein consumption should be increased. It makes your muscles stronger and give you a lean physique. For your protein intake, include eggs in your diet. 100 g of eggs contain 13 g of protein as well as they provide various vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B 12.
For weight gain, consuming carbohydrates are very important and no other food item is more rich in carbohydrates than potatoes. Moreover, potatoes also provide enough amount of amino acids such as arginine and glutamine thus making them a good weight gain food. For obtaining sufficient nutritional value out of potatoes, consume them with their skin. You can soak them in cool water for two-three hours before cooking them.
Lean Red Meat:
If you do not have inhibitions in eating non-vegetarian foods, you have a lot more food options to gain weight in a healthy manner. You can have lean red meat/steak to provide enough protein and iron to your body. Not all portions of steak are suitable for weight loss seekers, they need to have those fatty cuts where it is marbled meat. These portions will be high on calories as well as on taste!
It is one of the most commonly added food item in the diet plans of those who want to gain weight, build bulk and muscles. They never forget treating themselves with a good piece of chicken. It is true that it is delicious, it also gives 25 g of protein per 100 g of chicken. It can give you quick results. Also it is a store of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus thus can give you enough strength to hit the gym.
Whole Fat Milk and It's Products:
Skim milk is for those who wish to lose weight so now ditch the skimmed, less-calorie milk and shift to calorie-laden, healthy whole fat milk for gaining weight. Not only it gives you 60 additional calories, it is also high on vitamins and nutrients compared to skim milk. It has high levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin A.
Do you know that this delicious fruit has 140 calories per half of its one serving? Yes, a single avocado a day can give you as many as 300 calories along with folic acid, Vitamin E and B and potassium. Add them to your salads, spread avocado jam on toast or eat them in their natural form with a little amount of salt spread on it.
You can get readymade granola from the market; don’t add refined sugar to it and instead put a fruit into it along with two tablespoons of honey and unsalted butter. A bowl full of granola is a perfect dish to gain weight. It is a mix of healthy fats and fiber as it contains nuts and coconut oil, natural sugar from the fruit and nutrition of oats. For adding some more goodness to it, cover granola with a thick layer of fruit flavoured yoghurt. A single bowl will pack high number of calories along with providing you with healthy fats.
When we say ‘cheese’, we don’t really mean mozzarella cheese toppings on readymade pizza or pasta. It is unhealthy and full of saturated fats. Instead to have healthy cheese, include gorgonzola cheese and blue cheese in your diet. Not only they are high on fat, but are high on nutritional value as well. Even you can have goat cheese with eggs, parmesan cheese topping on asparagus and Swiss cheese on top of roasted chicken.