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Yoga for Improve Your Posture

Good posture not only improves circulation, digestion and breathing, it also helps keeps your muscles and joints in prime condition. But it isn’t easy to maintain body alignment. Smartphones, TV, desk jobs and long commutes often make us slip up and slouch. Over time, poor posture may lead to stiffness, pain and move on to tissue damage and premature joint degeneration. Wondering how can you correct posture? We’ve got the answer.


The right posture:
Is there a posture that we should all aspire to? If you worry that you have an alignment problem, wear tight clothes and do a standing assessment. Your joints should be stacked well with ears over the shoulders, ribs over the hips, and hips over the heels. The pelvis and spine should be in a neutral position.
Mountain Pose:
Mountain Pose may look like just standing, but it is the epitome of proper posture. With your feet hip-width apart and a micro-bend in your knees, ground your feet into the mat, place your hips in a neutral position, and tuck your tailbone under just slightly. Slide your shoulder blades down your back and reach the crown of your head toward the sky.
The Utkatasana or the Chair Pose is one of the best yoga poses for posture improvement. Your body needs to hold the seated position as if you were sitting on an imaginary chair. This asana works amazingly well for the hips, knees, and lower back. Also, as you sit on this imaginary chair, your back is erect, and shoulders are stretched out. It teaches your body how to align itself, and thereby, you slowly, but surely improve your posture.
Tree Pose:
Tree Pose forces you into proper posture in order to balance. Ground your left foot and make sure your shoulders are in line with your hips and your spine elongated. Lift your right foot and press the sole of your foot against your left inner thigh. Now move up through your body to make sure you’re standing tall. Keep your hands at your heart centre or reach them toward the sky. Tip: Reach the crown of your head up to the sky and your shoulders down your back.
Virabhadrasana I:
This asana is also called the Warrior Pose. It has a great deal of history behind it and is also one of the most graceful yoga poses. This asana is extremely powerful and requires you to be erect as you assume it. It works on your lower back and also soothes the shoulder plates. In time, you will surely see great results on your posture if you practice this asana regularly.
Cat Cow Pose:
- To develop proper posture, you need to know what neutral is, and Cat Cow can help with that. From your hands and knees, inhale and round your back, then exhale and arch your back. Repeat this back and forth motion before bringing your spine to neutral. Take notice of what that feels like so you can experience it when you stand up.